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My Lesson in Spanish

OF ALL MY HEROES, from those who fought on the battlefields, to those who elevated sport from the banal to the artistic, to those who wrote prose and poetry that attacked my sensibilities, perhaps the greatest of them is Christopher Hitchens. For me, he stands in a small elite group beside Marco Pantani, George Orwell, […]

Wine, Women and Hypertrophia: On Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of those rare TV shows over which even the most discerning viewers will vehemently disagree. For many, it is simply silly, poorly acted, and is populated by an unnecessary plethora of characters. For others, it is superb entertainment, and transcends the genre of fantasy to touch, at times, the quintessential […]

Why Lance Armstrong May Be a Psychopath

Were I Floyd Landis or Alberto Contador, and I picked up the 2013 Official Tour de France Programme, I would be seriously irate. I would have immediately noticed, in the ‘Roll of Honour’, that my name had been removed, along with the names of my other fellow pariah doper-winners, and that other names had replaced […]

On Growing Up and the Great Apnoea

One of the many iniquities of growing into fatherhood and middle years is a growing intolerance for anything resembling horror, even in the form of entertainment. To be fair, I have never enjoyed horror much, and barely got through reading Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven without a shudder. But in a broader sense, I have […]